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Feedback is very important for DRG system. We are looking forward to hear your suggestions from a practice. 

Please be patient as we receive an enormous number of feedback from the professional public. Furthermore, CKS DRG team is constantly working hard on document updates and reviews. 

Methods of changes approval in DRG system.


Deadline for requests evaluation is till 16 March 2021
 in the following sectors:

  • Methodology of costs calculation
  • The Definition Handbook
  • The Catalogue of Lump Sums
  • Coding Rules
  • The List od Medical Procedures

Requests in survey are assessed continuously and systematically sorted by the submitted date.

Current number of requests: 384

Number of requests till 16 March 2021: 174

Number of answered requests: 88

Number of requests after 16 March 2021: 210

Number of answered requests: 1

Standpoints will be sent to the provided email in survey. All standpoints will be available on web CKS DRG.