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Potentially implemented DRG system as main reimbursement system with co-financing for hospital


Setting up the DRG system based on relevant data from 2022.


Making the CKS DRG portal available


DRG reporting validation


Access to DRG data I. DRG Conference


DRG competencies transfer from HCSA to the Ministry of Health.


All health care providers were obliged to submit the annual data for 2017, which consisted of 62 hospitals.


Relative weights come from German data from 2009, while they have been roughly adjusted to Slovak conditions and these relative weights have been used in the Catalog of Lump Sums since 2016.

2015 - 2017

Collection of medical and economical data was implemented for 2015 for the first time, during which 13 health care providers were part of the pilot projct.

October 2011 - March 2015

Training of DRG system users according to individual training programs. The Authority (CKS) implemented a project "Training of DRG system users" that was cofinanced by the European Social fund. The training was ensured by the Authority employees (national experts) trained in IneK.


a signed addendum to the contract with InEK


Preparation of the first SK-DRG 1.0 version, which was based on G-DRG 2011 version begun. It adapted to MKCH-10 based on ICD-10-GM-2011. A list of medical procedures in secondary health care (lately renamed as the List of medical procedures of diagnosis related groups). Several necessary documents such as Coding rules of diagnosis and medical procedures were postponed.


Contract about collaboration between the Health Care Suveillance Authority and Institut für das Entgeltsystem im Krankenhaus GmbH (InEK).


A fundamental document for DRG system implementation in SR, "the Concept of securing and estabilishment of DRG system" was approved by the Slovak Government resolution n. 481/2011.


The Management Committee decided on the suitable choice of foreign system. The German DRG system (G-DRG) was the most suitable to Slovak conditions.


Competencies for DRG issues were transfered to The Health Care Suveillance Authority. The Authority created an organisational unit: the Centre for classification system.


the Ministry of Health begun implementation of the classification system. The Health Care Suveillance Authority has become a centre for classification system of diagnostic and therapeutic groups.