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Update on the reporting of platelet transfusion procedures

In recent months, we have been contacted by a number of PHCUs with the question of reporting whole blood platelet transfusions, pooled from 5 TU of whole blood, deleukotized, as the National Transfusion Service has started to supply (invoice) these transfusions to the PHCUs.

CKS can incorporate the new medical procedures and attributable items in the standard process of approving new documents for 2024 in the Catalogue of Case Rates and List of Medical Procedures. We recommend that the reporting for SK-DRG purposes for the remainder of this year should be on the basis of procedure group 8r245.- Whole blood platelet transfusion, pooling from 4 TU whole blood, deleukotized, as we do not add new procedures to the DRGs within the year. We have analysed the above in terms of impact and discussed the situation in the Steering Committee. The addition of new medical procedures and attributable items will go through the standard approval process for 2024, as platelets can be reported for SK-DRG purposes with similar procedures, group codes 8r245.-.