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Expert Working Group on Disputed Situations in the SK-DRG

The CKS DRG, also taking into account the requirements of the users of the system, establishes an Expert Working Group for disputed situations in the SK-DRG. The Expert Working Group deals with disputed situations, which are defined as differences of opinion in the interpretation of documents issued by the CKS DRG between a health insurer and a health care provider, where each party has explained in writing its view of the interpretation to the other party, but there has been no agreement between the disputing parties. The expert working group expertly assesses the facts submitted to it by the parties and issues an expert, consistent and central interpretation, while also verifying the correctness of the coding of the hospitalisation case in disputed situations between users of the system that have already arisen.

The first meeting of the expert working group will take place at the end of March and the outputs of the expert working groups will be published by the CKS DRG on its website.

For more information on the Expert Working Group on Disputed Situations in the CKS-DRG, please see the Working Groups section.