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Irregularities in the 2019 database

Due to the importance of recalculating relative weights in the DRG system, it is necessary to check the input data, so-called "DRG datasets" that CKS receives from all involved providers of health care (PHC) by15th April of every year.

During the creation of validation steps over the DRG database, it was found that the FNsP in B. Bystrica achieved incomparably increased costs in comparison with revenues from health insurance companies and in comparison, with other PHC for the year 2019.

The CKS team found out that FNsP B. Bystrica realized the discrepancy shortly after uploading the new DRG dataset and sent a adjusted DRG dataset, however, it was not uploaded to the current DRG database.

The CKS team contacted all PHC to check the accuracy of the data regarding the upload of DRG datasets in the database taken over from the Healthcare Surveillance Authority

4 other PHC were identified as PHC who did not have a current DRG datasets. For instance, Ľubovnianska nemocnica and Hospitale Šahy, they did not upload the DRG dataset for the 2018 year. DFnSP B. Bystrica did not have a adjusted DRG dataset. The University Hospital Bratislava sent a corrective DRG dose because they realized on the occasion that the calculation of implants at direct costs was incorrect.