Meeting with experts of NHS and NFZ

CKS DRG team participated in 2 expert meetings with Natianal Health Service (NHS) and Polish Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia (NFZ) about updating the DRG system under the auspices of the European Commission

Department of health economics of NHS shared its knowledge and ideas concerning DRG improvment and its maintainance. The first meeting was mainly about examining proposals for updates of the Polish DRG system. The second meeting addressed the coding DRG process in Britain's hospitals, data collection, set up of relative weights and financing the sector.

Interesting facts: 

  • About 900 out of 1300 hospitals are used for calculations in Great Britain
  • NHS has over 30 employees, whose job is to only validate DRG coding of hospitals
  • NHS has over 30 employees, that take care of economic issues and analysis
  • NHS has 20 emloyees, that focus on medical issues 
  • NHS has created alliances with selected hospital departments to improve DRG reporting. Based on the reporting, trained DRG coders (mainly non-physicians) are able to calculate relative weights
  • Similarly as CKS, NFZ needs to update the whole DRG system
  • NHS had undergone a similar change in 2016 which was completed in 3 years
  • NHS mentioned similar issues with financing health care, mainly with effective redistribution of finances

It is important to note that Britain's DRG is different to Slovak DRG and therefore German DRG system (since Slovak DRG is based on German system) whereas Polish DRG is based on Britain’s.

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