Management committee and working groups

    1. Revision and update of the list of medical procedures 2. Costs calculation of added medical procedure in order to recalculate RV 3. Mapping of significant procedures into DH

    The Ministry of Health SR Mgr. David Kubek - voting right, WG coordinator Mgr. Veronika Zaňová - voting right Dott. David Balla, MA - voting right The Slovak Hospitals Association MUDr. Ján Černák, MBA - voting right Ing. Veronika Ďurčová The Slovak State Hospitals Association Mgr. Anna Nováková - voting right MUDr. Kvetoslava Bernátová, MPH MUDr. Filko Mgr. Podkonická MUDr. Zoltán Goldenberg PhD. Laboratory Assiciation Mgr. Bibiana Straková - voting right Mgr.Nina Juhásová Ing. Kristína Langerová Ing. Martin Seman Ing. Reváková MUDr. Elena Tibenská Mgr. Jarmila Melegová MUDr. Peter Vereš Ing. Miloš Karkuš MUDr. Marta Dobakova Ing. Gabriel Gajdoš Kačániová MUDr. Rošková Štefan Zervan MUDr. Koňarčíková Dôvera MUDr. Ivo Hybrant, MPH - voting right Union MUDr. Ingrid Dúbravová - voting right Mgr. Katarína Prusáková  PhDr. Dajana Petríková VšZP MUDr. Darina Haščíková, MPH - voting right MUDr. Eduard Minárik

    31. March 2021 Criteria for changes in LMP based on feedback (F) 30. April 2021 Elaborated and received suggestions from F to WG and experts.Proposal for inclusion of relevant suggestions into LMP mapped into DH of significant procedures. Edited LMP to take account of COVID-19. 15. May 2021 WG provided its standpoints 30. May 2021 Requests' examination and evaluation from F by WG. Standpoints provided to all applicants 30. June 2021 Proposal for the revision of section in LMP that is defined by analysis in collaboration with specialised medical society is ready. 31. August 2021 LMP-DRG 2022 1. October 2021 LMP-2022 issued by a decree of the MOH SR